ReMaine Clean Energy Internship Program

ReMaine is a clean energy internship program funded by the Maine Governor’s Energy Office and managed by Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP), in partnership with The JPI Group, IntWork, Building Performance Association, Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC), and E2TECH, to provide Maine employers with paid interns for short-term jobs.




Clean energy jobs cover a wide range of sectors and activities that contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

Here are some examples of the different types of clean energy jobs: 

    1. Clean energy generation: This includes jobs related to the production of energy from renewable sources, such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and biomass. Examples of clean energy generation jobs include solar panel installers, wind turbine technicians, hydroelectric power plant operators, and bioenergy engineers.

    2. Energy efficiency: This involves jobs that help to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency, such as by designing and implementing energy-efficient buildings, appliances, and lighting systems. Examples of energy efficiency jobs include energy auditors, energy managers, and building automation specialists.

    3. Alternative transportation: This includes jobs related to the development and implementation of clean and sustainable transportation options, such as electric vehicles, public transit systems, and bike-sharing programs. Examples of alternative transportation jobs include electric vehicle engineers, transit planners, and bicycle infrastructure designers.

    4. Clean grid and storage: This involves jobs related to the development and maintenance of energy storage systems and smart grid technologies that can help to integrate renewable energy sources into the existing power grid. Examples of clean grid and storage jobs include grid operators, energy storage system technicians, and smart grid analysts.

    5. Services: Clean energy jobs also include a range of service-related positions that support the development, implementation, and regulation of clean energy technologies and policies. Examples of service-related clean energy jobs include energy consultants, regulatory affairs specialists, and energy policy analysts.

Overall, clean energy jobs encompass a wide range of activities and sectors that are focused on reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and promoting a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. These jobs are essential for achieving our climate and sustainability goals and creating a more resilient and equitable economy.

Program Timeline


A total of 32 participants will be placed across two cohorts, starting on a rolling basis:


  • Cohort 1: March/April 2023
  • Cohort 2: June-August 2023


Intern candidates in clean energy roles will complete 240 hours of work and learning during the program.



Interested in hiring interns?

Interested in clean energy internships?

Expectations of Employers:

Expectations of Interns:

  • Review and sign participation/staffing agreement
  • Participate in final interview with candidates
  • Provide an engaged mentor for entirety of intern’s employment
  • Ensure mentor attends program training
  • Provide intern with opportunities to learn
  • Provide regular feedback on intern performance (through CareerEquity)
  • Allow intern to attend all training and program related events
  • Provide appropriate time-card approval
  • Provide 50% wage reimbursement
  • Have interest in the clean energy industry
  • Be motivated to take on a new career
  • Be engaged and willing to learn new skills
  • Attend all trainings, including the BPI Building Science Principles Certificate session
  • Receive regular feedback on performance
  • Sign a participation agreement that outlines the program’s expectations.

Use the map below to see where opportunities are located!

Learn more about The JPI Group here.

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Building Performance Association
Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC)