The #1 Platform for hiring and upskilling diverse talent with greater speed and efficiency.


Thousands of job creation programs fail to meet their hiring goals because they didn’t discover the right skilled and diverse talent (as well as local) in a timely manner. Yet, potential and eager candidates are often left in the dark about their skills gaps, or perhaps a mistep during the interview process. It’s time to bridge the workforce gap by creating a more equitable, efficient and effective experience so diverse job seekers can WIN.
We’re revolutionizing the way job creation programs operate by providing the only all-access platform to key stakeholders — so they can leverage critical data and hit hiring goals.

What CareerEquity Can Do For You


Explore jobs available by locality, experience as well as skill sets required. Access key parties and stakeholders, including: Job Creation Program Leaders, Employers, Job Seekers, Training Institutes, DE&I Managers and Wrap-Around Services.


Discover the power of data and analytics as you track your top candidates, strategically forecast program goals, access custom reporting and measure against real-time key performance indicators. Accurately forecast any hiring mission as you build a pipeline of the right talent to meet your needs.


Communicate with stakeholders on an ongoing basis through our automated solution. With increased transparency as a top priority, job seekers also gain critical feedback on any skills gap -- which may have been a mystery to them -- until now.


It’s time to amplify and uplift diverse talent. Job seekers will feel encouraged to upskill and discover higher waged positions, land competitive opportunities and improve their career as well as economic trajectory.

Unlock Your Access To Five Key Groups

Job Creation Programs

We are taking the guesswork out of inclusive hiring.

It’s time to gain insight and control over your hiring process, without the tedious manual reporting that puts your deadlines at risk. With the sharing of key stakeholders inside our robust platform, you’ll be able to leverage data and analytics to help you hire in an automated and proactive manner.


We are bridging the gap between diverse talent, employers and community partners.

We offer employers a one-stop-hub to discover, track and hire top talent in a scaleable manner so they can meet current project goals while adding talent for their respective pipelines. At CareerEquity, we also support apprenticeship, on-the-job-training and internship programs.

Job Seekers

We are changing the candidate’s trajectory through greater visibility and access.

We are providing the best way for talent to access desired jobs in a fluid ecosystem that allows them to update their latest information, including certifications and job changes. These critical layers allow job creation programs to view a candidate who’s successfully closed a skills gap. This real-time update provides the candidate with the greatest opportunity to be hired by top employers.

Training Institutes

We are optimizing the way training institutes gain insight into job skills and readiness.

We are optimizing the tools training providers will have to efficiently vet candidates. Training institutes are able to directly communicate with multiple stakeholders simultaneously so they can gain a better understanding of the necessary skill sets for in-demand jobs and prepare job seekers accordingly.

Wrap-Around Services

We are aware of social and logistical challenges for some candidates.

We are aware of the not-so-talked about challenges job seekers often face, including childcare and transportation needs. That’s why “wrap-around” social services are connected to our online platform. When job seekers access these services, they receive greater support as they plan for the new job.